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The magic of Lamu Kenya

Just imagine landing on the airstip on an African Island, bumping your luggage across the sandy road down to the water to catch a speed boat. Feel the sun and salty water spray on your skin and let the wind wisk through your  hair as speed of into the sunset to your gorgeous hotel on the island of Lamu.

Tanja Kappler Lamu 2009

Tanja Kappler Lamu 2009

Have you been to Kenya? Have you heard of Lamu? Its this gorgeous Island with whit sandy beaches and warm Indian ocean in the north eastern part of Kenya. Its  a world heritage site as it has the oldest Swahli settlement on the island. Its a place to relax and soak up the sun and eat great seafood.

lamuFrom Nairobi you can catch a flight (Safarilink or Air Kenya from Wilson airport to Manda on Lamu)  From there take the slow and crowded ferry, or share a speed boat. Come on its your only time to feel like a bond girl!

lamu Kenya
lamu Kenya


Twende (East African Travel Magazine)

I was on Lamu in 2009 as a photographer for Twende a Kenyan travel magazine with Writer Siobhan Cassidy. Here are some of the pages, plus I got front cover!!!

What to see and do:

  • Dhow boat trip
  • Canoo boat trip to see Swahli settlement
  • Hire a local for a boat cruise and fish bbq on the beach
  • Hire a donkey and walk along the beach
  • eat local seafood, crab is delicious
  • Drink the local Kenyan beer – Tusker
  • Go to the old town, great markets and cafes and just gorgeous


lamu-3lamu Kenya
Here is the PDF version.
Twende (East African Travel Magazine)lamu Kenya

lamu Kenya

Lamu (1 of 1)-11

Barcelona studio Renovation

flatFlat renovating, 50sq meters is my latest project and it has started, 19 August 2014. I love the street name, Vistalegre or in English Happy View, 🙂 makes me smile. WHat a great street to live in! I am so impressed with the building company Grupoinvetia.They have been so efficient in answering all building questions and assuring me. We also visited a site that they were completing. It was great to see the materials that they used and the building quality. So its all go from now on. I’m so excited!! This week its demolish time and install electricity and next week we go bathroom shopping 🙂 It all seems pretty quick going and completion date is end October. I will update this post with pics as we go.. This is the entrance, long and thin and a little dark… Below is a 3d render of the floor plan before renovations. unnamed3 Renovation with Grupoinventia2 The bedroom, so much cupboard space!!! This all has to go. The bedroom Vistalegre Small old style bathroom. Bathroom 7b The kitchen. Kitchen 8c The lounge 9b 9c The main bedroom The main bedroom and the renovation begins 🙂

Day 1

The bedroom wall is gone! 12b 14c and the kitchen walls are going- 13b 14b and this is where all the bricks are going. 5 stories below into these 2 containers. 15

Day 2, 20 Aug

001-Small 001-Small-2 Pics coming soon!

3 September, 2 weeks into the building time.

It seems to be going slowly now and there is not much to post. The electrics are being put in this week. I was hoping they would clear out the rest of the rubble so I can get a good shot of the space. me (1 of 1)-20 The Walls will be in exposed brick in the lounge and this Catalan vaulted ceiling, was found when the normal plaster ceiling was demoished. What luck! I love th exposed brick work and the red tones!!! me (1 of 1)-18

8 September

We had a 2 hour meeting with the builders today. Going through room by room discussing the plug points, bathroom fittings and kitchen installation. Super happy, thanks Grupoinventia

23 September

We are 5 weeks into the renovation and there are 5 weeks left!!! The pipes for the electrics have been installed and I see the electrics have been threaded through them. The new boiler has been delivered. The place is covered in rubble, and there are lots of bags of concrete for the plastering. Lets get going!!! I expect next week they will start on the bathroom, kitchen, plastering, cleaning up ceilings and walls, installing new ceilings and floor… 🙂 Roll on 5 weeks!

Woohoo!! Visited the flat today and there is huge progress.The ceilings are in,and the boiler has been installed!!dB-8




29 September

Confirmed the flooring going with this:
Laminate flooring

30 Sep

It all looking more tidy…

Above:New part of the bathroom wall and electricity


Above:cables & shower slab


Above:Shower slab

The bathroom tiles have arrived!!! Charcol and misty grey white 🙂 Tomorrow we have a building meeting.
tiles for bathroom
brazil-7Renovation Barcelona joana-2 joana-3 joana-4 joana-5 joana-6 joana-7 joana-8 joana-9 joana-10 joana-11 joana-12 joana-13 joana-14 joana-15 joana-16 joana-17 joana-18


Which Sandisk to buy?

The most important features of an SD card are speed, price, reliability, and warranty.

Because most cameras can take photos faster than they can write them to storage, images are first saved to a small-but-speedy buffer. Once the buffer is full, the images have to be written to the SD card before you can shoot more photos.

Unless you need something special—like a card that can survive drowning, electrocution, and magnets, or a card that works with your insanely high-speed camera like Sandisk Extreme Pro 95 MB/s.

Sandisk Extreme pro

SanDisk Extreme will suit you perfectly. It reads and writes data speeds at a whopping 45 megabytes per second, which is much more than most class 10 cards at only a few bucks more. SanDisk’s Extreme Pro line is even faster at 95 MB/s, but it costs a whole lot more, and isn’t going to net you a whole lot of benefits unless you have a camera that can make use of it. On Amazon the Extreme Pro is priced at for 49 Euros.

sandisk Extreme 32gb

For most people, the SanDisk Extreme is as good as it gets, at a price that’s hard to beat. You can grab a 16GB version for $15 on Amazon, or the 32GB for 25 Euro.

Delicious chocolate cake

Whats in the package?
Little choco slices great party ideas!
Chocolate cake

Barcelona´s hottest Samba Reggae band

Alex Rosa


Funky reggae beats by Ketubara, rocked the crowds at this years Afrocaña! So where are they playing next in Barcelona?? Head over to their facebook page more details!
Alex RosaAlex Rosa

Leticia Martin

Leticia Martin

Alex Rosa


Leticia Martin