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Vintage & chic in Barcelona


Winter shopping at Demanoenmano market in the University grounds in Barcelona. The morning sun warmed the atmosphere! The market was filled with hand made art, vintage clothes and was full of Barcelona style. 🙂2

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vintage clothes

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  Demanoenmano 6 December 2014

Art walks in Barcelona


Barcelona artists from the Walking Gallery group hit the steets showing of their work. This is a great way to see art for free on the streets of Barcelona. The group chooses different routes every time.Walkiing gallery

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Visual poem "Barcino", by Joan Brossa, in front of Barcelona's Roman wall

Visual poem “Barcino”, by Joan Brossa, in front of Barcelona’s Roman wall. Barcino is the  name of Barcelona, and is the artist tribute to the ancient colony.

18Featured artists: Pop Art Barcelona, Antonia Jimenez Isabel Valero Isabel Valero Isabel ValeroPakaukau SellésNúria CasaponsaMCruz Carrascosa ReinosoNicolas MoralesDavid Pararols,Sandra Nogueira PelegriRamon SortMontserrat Gustems Martínez,Claudia FornaiGustavo Anibal FerraiuoloPat BrazilLara Kaló