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Getting great water shots!

GoPro is an awesome action camera for still photos and video. I love the wide angle lens, burst mode and time lapse modes and I love using it in the water. I live in Barcelona so whenever I can I get down to the beach and explore the seas with my GoPro Hero 5.

For those amazing under over shots you need a dome port. Yes you can use a fish bowl and go jump in your pool and take some cool shots. Or dip your phone into a glass and take it into the pool. There are few hacks out there, go have a peek on YouTube.

If you have a small budget and want to expand your underwater portfolio then I strongly suggest to get a dome port. It’s fun and people are very curious about the dome giving you the chance to get some cool shots.

Things to look for when purchasing get dome
Make sure it fits your gopro version
Get a wrist tether to keep it safe in the waves
Get a trigger

There are few brands to choose from:
Official gopro dome
Knekt Dome
Telsin / best is TELESIN 6″ Underwater Shooting T05 Dome Port

How to use it
The Dome for GoPro HERO5 allows you to use all camera modes normally. You don’t have to turn on camera before inserting it although I prefer to setup the camera before inserting into the dome. Once in the dome you can change the settings by pushing the tiger on the shutter button
Check you FOV – I like Wide
Timelapses – you can set the amount of frames it captures in a time frame
Burst – used for action shots
Usel the level line at the back
Buy some Aniti fog stips inside the dome.
Visit my YouTube Channel and watch my Video

For Video
Often filming a split clip in a dome port there is so much information in the clip thats its quite distracting and the viewer gets lost in the amount of information seen. If you slow down the motion is easier to view and more impactful. So you’d be using a frame rate like 60FPS or 120FPS.

How to take care of it
Rinse off the sea water after each use
Use protecting case
Unscrew all the parts and rinse off