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I worked for 14 years in advertising in London and Cape Town and moved to Barcelona in 2010. The city that inspires me beyond imagination. Here I really got into my photography, shooting local events, backstage and on stage. I love people in motion. I am a fitness, dance, and extreeme action kind of girl and love covering this type of photography. I love being outside on location just trying to capture that moment and chasing the light.

TanjaK photography
 I am South African/German from Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • I love colours.
  • I love animals especially cats.
  • Laughing with people gives me sparks of life!
  • I spend my cash on photo gear and travel.
  • I also speak English, German, Spanish and some Portuguese.

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I HAVE Visited 30 UN countries (15.5%) out of 193.
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My email is: tanja@tanjakappler.es
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