Getting that  lens flares & sunburtsts with your mobile phone

Getting that  lens flares & sunburtsts with your mobile phone

Lens flare for photographers was a no no and you can go into lengthy discussion about lens comparison, the quality of the glass, the focal length,  lens hoods, all to avoid that dreaded lens flare. The general discussion in photography is to get rid of it but you may like it and at time I use it in y photos to enhance mood and tell a story with theis beautiful natural light source..

Lens flare is caused by light that is reflected from internal lens surfaces or thats scattered by imperfections in the glass.

If you like the lens flare effect here is how to get it using a mobile phone.

Shooting technique

  • Tilt your lens to the sun have it just towards the edge of the frame.
  • Try get the sun behind your subject, it needs to peek out form it
  • Your mobile phone will expose the scene for the total amount of light in the photo and it will tend to cause the shapes in the foreground to become silhouettes. If you want to meter the light better and not get silhouettes, then use manual mode.
  • Best time to get the flares is early in the morning or evening when you don’t have harsh light and you’ll be able to shoot directly into the sun

Negatives that it will do

It does alter skin tone so be aware if you are doing portraits

Try it out, have fun and explore the possibilities and don’t forget to show your work. Get some feedback from photographers or friends. It will all help you develop your skill.