Making vertical footage look good in YouTube

Making vertical footage look good in YouTube

How to make your portrait videos look better in a YouTube clip.

Getting that dynamic blurry background.

You probably shot your portrait video on your mobile phone for IG stories or snapchat.

Now you want to use it in your vlog on Youtube and you don’t have it in vertical 16.9 format which You Tube uses.

Inserting your portrait clip on your timeline will give you big black line on the sides. Which does look great when you are viewing wide screen footage and the video jumps to a portrait clip. It’s just not visually pleasing.

SO here’s a quick and easy way to edit your portrait clip to get that awesome 16.9 format with blurred background.

Open up and import your video from your phone.

There are couple of ways to do this.

You can Upload to google drive and then download to your PC.

Add your video to your timeline

If you have audio you want to unlink the audio by right clicking

Now select only the video , copy and paste next to it in the timeline

Drag it above the other clip

Now we will work on the bottom clip and make that blurry.

Select and resize to fit your screen, control, transform, increase size

Effects, blur, abstract or Bokeh effect / Gaussian blur

Thats it now you have vertical footage that fits in your Youtube video.

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