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My favorite Barcelona photos as magnets

TanjaK magnets

Recently I decided to print up some of my Barcelona photos on magnets. I looked at a few company’s who supply this type service and finally decided to try out a Berlin based company called GetPickPack.

I loved the result, really speedy service and great print quality.
The magnets are matt finish and the colours POP!

The whole process is super easy and I can recommend it highly.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Easy upload images from IG account or upload from your desktop
  • Fast and smooth service
  • Email confirmations of what stage your order is at
  • Speedy delivery
  • Great image quality

Now I am ready to hit the spring markets in Barcelona. Look out for me and PopArt BCN and come get your BCN magenets from us.

If you don’t know Pat Brazils work have a look here!

Visit the GetPickPack website for the full details and ordering your magnets!!

Magnets Barcelona TanjaK

TanjaK Magnets

TanjaK magnets

Prepare for your dance or yoga shoot

Thank you for your interest in TanjaK Photography! I’m honored that you’ve considered me for your photography experience.

I wanted to write a short post on things we need to talk about to prepare for your shoot with me.


So how do you prepare for your yoga or dance shoot?

  • Are we going for the contemporary look or more street style? Will you be wearing tights or jeans?
  • Choose your outfits, anything form 2 to 6.
  • Are we going to shoot on location or in studio?
  • Write down the postures that you would like to capture.
  • Do you want to incorporate jewelry, scarves, hats, instruments and mats?
  • How will you style your hair?
  • Will you paint your nails?
  • How will you do your make – up?

warm up

Where are we going to shoot?

  • We need to talk about the poses and the setting. I like to create a strong visual concept and if you would like to do slower more simpler poses then it would be nice to shoot against a stiking backgroud.
  • If you would like to showcase jumping I would go for a more simple location.
  • Possible locations are in studio, beach, city, garden or rooftop?The time of day will also create feeling and emotion.
  • Whereas night shots can be sparkling with the soft city lights in the background.
sarah6 small


How will you get into the mood?

  • There will be time for you warm up before the shoot.
  • Let me know what music you like and we can put on those tunes.

During the shoot

Soften the face, relax, enjoy and breath!

How I shoot

I love to shoot spontanesouly, watching you whilst you move.

Lets enjoy making art together!

camIf you would like to volunteer for a shoot email me ASAP! tanja@tanjakappler.es

Yoga, Sonia

Art walks in Barcelona


Barcelona artists from the Walking Gallery group hit the steets showing of their work. This is a great way to see art for free on the streets of Barcelona. The group chooses different routes every time.Walkiing gallery

2 3

9 11  14 15

Visual poem "Barcino", by Joan Brossa, in front of Barcelona's Roman wall

Visual poem “Barcino”, by Joan Brossa, in front of Barcelona’s Roman wall. Barcino is the  name of Barcelona, and is the artist tribute to the ancient colony.

18Featured artists: Pop Art Barcelona, Antonia Jimenez Isabel Valero Isabel Valero Isabel ValeroPakaukau SellésNúria CasaponsaMCruz Carrascosa ReinosoNicolas MoralesDavid Pararols,Sandra Nogueira PelegriRamon SortMontserrat Gustems Martínez,Claudia FornaiGustavo Anibal FerraiuoloPat BrazilLara Kaló


Gente de Raval, Raval and its people

Raval BCN Graffiti
I came across these huge portraits pasted onto walls in Raval, Barcelona. They are sensational and you should take a walk around Raval to see them. Each has a small write up about the person, I leave you to discover them! This is part of Ruido Photo exhibition.
Raval RuidoDSC_5638DSC_5640DSC_5641DSC_5647DSC_5649DSC_5653