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Zelzin Pole Dancing

TanjaK _pole_Dance_Photography

TanjaK photography pole dance

TanjaK photography pole dance

TanjaK photography pole dance

Hip Hop Dancer

Hip Hop Dancer


Samba Sarah Pallares

Prepare for your dance or yoga shoot

Thank you for your interest in TanjaK Photography! I’m honored that you’ve considered me for your photography experience.

I wanted to write a short post on things we need to talk about to prepare for your shoot with me.


So how do you prepare for your yoga or dance shoot?

  • Are we going for the contemporary look or more street style? Will you be wearing tights or jeans?
  • Choose your outfits, anything form 2 to 6.
  • Are we going to shoot on location or in studio?
  • Write down the postures that you would like to capture.
  • Do you want to incorporate jewelry, scarves, hats, instruments and mats?
  • How will you style your hair?
  • Will you paint your nails?
  • How will you do your make – up?

warm up

Where are we going to shoot?

  • We need to talk about the poses and the setting. I like to create a strong visual concept and if you would like to do slower more simpler poses then it would be nice to shoot against a stiking backgroud.
  • If you would like to showcase jumping I would go for a more simple location.
  • Possible locations are in studio, beach, city, garden or rooftop?The time of day will also create feeling and emotion.
  • Whereas night shots can be sparkling with the soft city lights in the background.
sarah6 small


How will you get into the mood?

  • There will be time for you warm up before the shoot.
  • Let me know what music you like and we can put on those tunes.

During the shoot

Soften the face, relax, enjoy and breath!

How I shoot

I love to shoot spontanesouly, watching you whilst you move.

Lets enjoy making art together!

camIf you would like to volunteer for a shoot email me ASAP! tanja@tanjakappler.es

Yoga, Sonia

Best music in Barcelona AfrocaÑa Festival 2014

Afrocaña Barcelona

Afrocaña Barcelona
Afrocaña rocks Barcelona with great AFRICA + CARIBE + AFROAMÉRICA beats. Great location at the harbour.

Photo above: Leticia Martín with KETUBARA


Afrocaña Barcelona


Afrocaña Barcelona

DSC_2234 (2)

Afrocaña Barcelona

Afrocaña Barcelona
Alexandre Silva Xandele


Artists: Alex Rosa with KETUBARA
Leticia Martín with KETUBARA
Alexandre Silva Xandele
I will be publishing more photos on Facebook if you would like to follow me there.