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My Dubai guide

Arriving at 7.30am in Dubai wecleared customs, check in bags at left luggage and got onto the metro 2hours later. I wasn’t in a rush, we had a 15 hour lay over! My plan was to see the beach. I wanted to tick of seeing the gulf coast the famously stylish Buji Al Arab Hotel.
Tanja Kappler Photography Dubai 2016
From Barcelona Emirates flies their new fleet of A380 Airbus. Sleek interior with loads of overhead baggage space. Lots of leg room between the rows and a large LCD TV screen. Plus USB ports to charge your phone or other devices!!when flying into Dubai in the day light you get to see the Arabic desert.

Arrival in Dubai
At Terminal 3 which is exclusively for Emirates flights:Pass through immigration and  go through to the arrival lounge.

Leave your carry on luggage
Exit to your left and find the luggage/lost office. Take a ticket from outside and wait your turn. Things move quite quickly.

Its 30 AED for each item. I left my laptop and felt like they looked after it.

Opening times: Saturday – wed 5.30 to 12.00
Thurs 5.30 -1am, 10-1 Friday  ( Sat & Tues)
After all the reading up and trying to figure it out what was most cost effective we bought the all day ticket which allows unlimited travel.

Or you can pay for single trips if you have a clear itinerary in mind. Rechargeable metro card at the metro counter

You buy the tickets at the info kiosk outside the metro entrance. The person is patient and well informed about travel in the city.

Metro Card costs:
Firstly You buy a card for AED2, then choose the option

  • Day pass for 20 AED –  Unlimited travel for 1 day in all zones
  • Red Nol card top up 10 trips
  • Red Nol single trips

Single red card, the trip cost 0,68 – 1,77 USD = 2.5 – 6.5 AED depending on the distance of travel

Tanja Kappler Buji Al Arab

The Buji Al Arab

dubai (1 of 1)-2

The Surf House

Sunset Beach
Metro to First Gulf Bank station
Exit the metro at First Gulf Bank, across the road is a small shop that servers coffees and pastries. Here I had my first vege Samosa.. I’m into street food and when out in a new city this is what I go for.

From here you can’t cross Sheikh Zayed Road the main highway in Dubai with sometimes up to 6 lanes per direction.
You will need to catch a taxi for the 7.62km which is about a 10 mins ride and will around costs 22 AED (5.63 euro)
For sunset beach, behind Sunset mall right next to Jumeirah beach hotel dreamy views of Buj Al Arab

——-Taxi to dubai mall metro –AED 25 (6euro)
Walk to dubai mall entrance 10 mins, ground floor c
2pm Collect/print tickets

2.30 – 4.30 Buji Kalifa
The Burj Khalifa’s viewing deck closes at 1 AM. However, you can tour the outside of the building and watch the fountains. First fountain show starts at 6pm for 3-5 mins and is every 30 mins
Sunset- 17.30 (sunrise 6.59)
Dubai Tanja Kappler photography 2017
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Forever Skyscrapers in Dubai!

dubai (1 of 1)-4

My incredible, crazy, 11 hour stop over in Dubai was a blast. Its just wild getting lost between those enormous buildings! I cant really describe how dwarf like these monster buildings can make you feel.  The space and lights are over the top, and so is the price of a carrot juice!

Arriving in Dubai at 19.20 – and only due to fly out 07.50 the next morning is more than enough time to hitch a ride into town by taxi or metro, both are very affordable.

We dropped our carry on bags in the airport left luggage lounge for 30 AED per bag. Be sure to grab a ticket at the entrance to avoid being not in the que, you know what I mean. We then excitedly caught the metro to Dubai Marina, exit at Damac. approx 45 mins journey time.

I was disappointed not to be able to photograph whilst in the metro even tough its  mostly above ground. There was just so much  light bouncing back and forth from the windows that it was no use to take photos with bad refelctions. You do pass past the Burj Khalifa, which is now the tallest building in the world at 829.8 m and its pretty impressive. Its just after the Financial Centre Metro stop (Metro Map)

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This image (above) is just outside the Damac metro and looking over the Sheikh Zayed Road. Its an enormous highway of 6 lanes each side. Its by far the biggest highway I have been on. Its also the longest road in the Emmirates at 558kms.

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Dubai Marina is a modern totally man made district with a marina, its developed by Emaar, you will see their towers all over the area. It has some the tallest buidlings in the world. Its totally breath taking at night.

dubai (1 of 1)-5

For a luxury boat cruise dinner expect to pay AED 159 Per person. There are also the old traditional wooden boats called Dhows.

dubai (1 of 1)-6

dubai (1 of 1)-7
Grosvenor House in blue. then the famous Cayan Tower or Infinity Tower, its a 306-metre-tall, 73-story residential Skyscraper.

dubai (2 of 2)

dubai (1 of 1)-8
Mosque, Grosvenor House appartments and hotel, Cayan Tower

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The 5 star, Address Marina Hotel

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Itinary options for night

dubai (1 of 1)-15

dubai (1 of 1)-16stop in Dubai

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Another Itinerary option.

Metro to Financial Centre metro stop – 6 mins walk to Level 43 Sheraton Hotel
on Sheikh Zayed Road – between metro Financial centre and emirates towers
Cool rooftop bar, mind blowing view
from here you get the best view of Burj Khalifa, till 2am
Price range: Average AED 400 for two people (approx.) with alcohol – 100 euro

Eat At : Zaroob
hot spot after-hours place to eat with fresh juices on Sheikh Zayed Road. Open until 4am, its on 2 levels and has a terrace strung with lanterns. I believe its inspired by the street food vendors In the Middle East.
Shop No. 1, Jumeirah Tower Building, Sheikh Zayed Road
3am Taxi back to airport

Camera used for these images : Fujifilm XT1 and Fujinon

23mm f1.4

Next up  will be a blog post about Dubai during the day. 🙂