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Carnaval in Salvador de Bahia 2017

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4 years running I have watched live streaming TV, every minute that I could stay awake, of Carnaval time in Brazil. Salvador being my favourite! This year we are packing our ruck sacks and going!!!
I love the music and the african vibe in Salvador and its a blockbuster to see musicians like Daniela Mercury, Ivete Sangalo, Saulo, Olodum and so many more.

This is an unbelivable crazy Carnaval with 2.5 million people attending the 7 day street festival. Its the biggest in the world, in a most beautiful old town of Salvador. I have been practising not sleeping. Seriously this is going to be one hellva adventure.
I think it was Daniela Mercury who said ‘At Carnaval if someone stands on your toes, you have to be the one thats says sorry’
Mostly we will be dancing with the crowd called Pipoca (Pipoca = popcorn, love this Brazilian term, just picture people bouncing up and down like exploding popcorn, then you will understand it)

We are staying with a group of friends in a rented appartment in the area called Barra which is a block away from the main circuit Barra/Ondina along the beach. This is so stunning to stay so close to the action. Again I say I dont think I will be sleeping.

So how do you prepare for Carnaval in Salvador de Bahia?

Technical clothing
Your most comfortable used trainers
Sunblock, sunblock and MORE sunblock
sports bra
skimpy tops

sun cream – factor 50
Mobile phone

My training regime to go to Carnaval
Gym time cycling, free wieghts, loads of squats and calisthenics workout thanks to coach Bruno Dos Santos.

So do you tink I am ready?
Its 5 days out and Im laying low and conserving energy!

My Schedule will look like this.

Arrive Tuesday night – drop bags and head out to see artists Saulo and Timbalada.
On Wednesday a very good healthy fruity breakfast, give me mangos and more mangos please! Beach day and a little chill time is planned.

On Thursday 23rd Feb carnaval starts and there is not stopping till post carnaval where we will head out of town and explore the coastline. We are planning to go to a paradise called Ilha de Boipeba or Morro de São Paulo.

Some of my Carnaval highlights are below and full programe here:

Thursday: Wesley Safadão 18:20h
Friday Timbalada:16:45h
Banda Olodum.21:30h
Sábado: Ivete Sangalo: 15:45h
Doming: Olodum 15:15h
Daniela Mercury: 18:45h
Lunes Ivete Sangalo 16:45h
Daniela Mercury: 18:45h

Oh and the food, this will be a whole storey on its own.
Stay tunned for the Carnaval exeprience!
Post Carnavl relax: Ilha de Boipeba or Morro de São Paulo
and food and sights to see in Salvador de Bahia!

You to can be a part of it!

All live coming to you via Facebook, instgram and You Tube. Link in, subscribe to my feeds and watch the spectacular!

Love and hugs!