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Shooting a concert with a mobile phone

Dj opened with some famous Brazilian beat and we were hyped to See  Rael and Indee Styla!

We were at the Sidecar Club in the in the center of Barcelona. The famous club is downstairs in the basement, dim lighting and a magic crowd were ready to rock.

I was armed with just a LG G6 smart phone and this was a test to see how it would perform in these harsh conditions. What makes it hard is that the smart phones have a very small sensor and that there is not enough light that enters the camera to get an exposed shot. Plus erratic fast movement of performers and the flashing stage lights!!


I managed to get in yearly and was tight at the stage so I could point my phone up and not obstruct peoples views to much as I was so close to the stage and they were looking over me.


I watch the lights, they were changing from Red, Blues Greens and Harsh yellows. What a mix up! I need the light to remain long enough on the faces to get a clean shot. You have to cat fast and keep super steady. so no tracking of the  artist, just waiting for the correct moment when they enter the frame.

Camera settings

I set my self up in manual mode.
1/60 sec
Iso 1200 – 1600 ( Lots of grain in the image)

The below shots that have motion blur, I shot at 1/25 Sec

1-25 sec F1.8 1400, below but managed to stay focused on his face.

Indee Styla at SideCar in Barcelona! 

Brightening and colour toning in Lightroom CC for mobile

I brought all my images into Lightroom CC, and played around with the color balance using curves and changing the intensity of certain colours. The lights would often cast a vivid pink  band and its not always pleasing. But the low light meant to not a lot of info is caught and any adjustments in post result in the image getting very grainy. This means that there simply inst enough detail in the image to print out large, but its OK to go on screens or for IG and twitter.



Footage of Rael and Indee Styla on YouTube.

Colour Grading Video – I use LUTS but in this instance the  the files are ungraded as for some reason the LUT files sound corrupted.

Have a look at the video 🙂 links below